Carto BV is founded in 2002 as a consultancy company for the Electronic industry.

PresentationPeter van Oostrom, founder of Carto BV, has over 35 years of experience in sales and support of test and measurement tools for PCB manufacturing. He started his working career as a support engineer at Infotec / Hoechst responsible for the installation and supoort of G3 fax equipment. After that he strted as a service engineer at Eurolectron in the Netherlands being responsible for the In-Circuit testers from Marconi, later IFR, in the Benelux. Extending his expertise into the area of fixture design and manufacturing. Later Peter became managing partner and finally owner of Eurolectron BV.

After a long succesfull career at Eurolectron Peter extended his responisbnility into Europe being responsible for the technical supoort at VPC, Viginia Panel corporation the world leader in Mass Interconnect interface systems. The next responsibility Peter took on was promoting the fastATE test system concept from 6TL enhgineering mainly in Europe but also outside Europe. In the mean time 6TL is an important player in the test and measurement market. in the world.

Working with leading companies in the field of Manufacturing and test I can now use this expertise and know how in the entire field of test and measurement.

working in partnership with major manufacturers to provide professional test solutions and services to the electronics manufacturing industry.

Carto BV  and its suppliers can assist and provide a diverse and customised range of test solutions in using the advantages of our selected suppliers to come to the optimal design for our clients using the strong points of only the best equipment suppliers and leading manufacturers.
Carto BV has design experience for mechanical, electronic and pneumatic aspects of complex test solutions. Test systems may incorporate Mass Interconnect, and measueremnt technology based on industry standards like GPIB/IEEE, PXI, VXI, LXI, SCSI, CanBus etc. Technologies with a range of operating systems including NI Labview/Teststand, Visual Basic etc.