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At the Moment we work for the companies below.
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6TL supplies products for ATE integration. 

6TL engineering
, as a division of S.A. Sistel, is an innovative products engineering company with extensive experience in test equipment.

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in numerous projects embracing different fields of expertise, such as the highly demanding automotive and aerospace, we have developed a new concept called
fastATE, that allow integrators build up their new test system in a much faster and cost effective way.
fastATE is a modular concept developed to make building a Test system very easy and efficient. Click the logo for more information.
ROMEX B.V. has more than 35 years expertise in the production, assembly and repair of electronic products. As a supplier of materials, machinery and tools for PCB production and processing, we have established a leading market position under the name of Romex. Our product range covers everything required for the ESD-safe manufacture, assembly, soldering, cleaning and coating of PCBs.

ESD and clean room specialization
For some years, ROMEX B.V. has been specializing further in the development of a complete product and service range for working safely and smoothly with electronics. We do this by advising on and implementing ESD-safe systems in small to very large turnkey projects. We also respond to the growing demand for "clean" production, assembly, repair and installation of electronic products by setting up clean rooms and supplying clean room products. With this total range of products and services, ROMEX B.V. has become market leader in the Benelux. 

Test and Measurement Solutions
In 2011 Romex took over the Test and Measurement activities from Eurolectron BV, a leading supplier of these services with over 45 years of experience. With the help of Carto BV Romex wants to become one of the leading companies in this field as well.

For more information and documentation about all Romex BV and 6TL Engineering is able to offer please click on the image to see presentations, video's and download product brochures and information directly in PDF format.










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Carto BV is founded in 2002 as a consultancy company for the Electronic industry.

Peter van Oostrom, founder of Carto BV, has over 30 years of experience in sales and support of test and measurement tools for PCB manufacturing 

Carto´s management has over 30 years of experience in PCB assembly and Test, with a focus on In-circuit and functional board or system test.
Leading companies we worke for are among other, Virginia panel Corporation, Eurolectron BV, Romex BV and 6TL.

Working with these leading companies in the field of Manufacturing and test gives us a in-dept knowledge, expertise and know how in the entire field of test and measurement.

working in partnership with major manufacturers to provide professional test solutions and services to the electronics manufacturing industry.

Carto BV  and its customers can assist and provide a diverse and customized range of test solutions in using the advantages of our selected suppliers to come to the optimal design for our clients with the equipment of leading manufacturers.
Carto BV has design experience for mechanical, electronic and pneumatic aspects of complex test solutions. Test systems may incorporate GPIB/IEEE, PXI, VXI, LXI, SCSI, CanBus etc. technologies with a range of operating systems including NI Labview/Teststand, Visual Basic etc.

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